OL’Bharms Height School prides itself on the quality of its educational programs, professionalism of its staff, the enthusiasm of its pupils and the high level of support by parents and community at large.

We are an open school and we actively see participation and involvement from the whole community.
The school commenced September 2012 with all primary classes fully equipped for morning preschool group, pupil numbers totaled 11 and officially opened in January 2013. With gradual but steady growth, we currently have basic 1 – 6 class, nursery/preschool groups with enrollments over 250 and a stable figure of about 115.

OBH School is a nursery and primary school based in Ogba-Agege, Lagos, a serene environment guaranteeing therefore the utmost of security for your child. We currently teach near to 110 students (with space for 200 if we reach full capacity on this site).

Our students are grouped into classes according to their age (to enable proper learning with peers of same age) and no class exceeds 20 students.